Communion FAQs

FAQ’s and Covid – 19 Guidelines for First Holy Communion

Communion 2022 Mods & Minis.

Communion Season this year will be vastly different to previous years. Due to HSE Guidelines for Covid, we have had to make changes. It is our priority to create a safe environment for our Customers and our Staff alike. We still endeavor to create a special experience for Communion Girls and Boys.

– Contract Tracing, names and phone number of Customers attending Appointment, must be recorded

– Pre appointment phone call on day of appointment to confirm that Customer and Child, has no cough, temperature, feeling unwell, and has not been in contact with any person with Covid.

– All Staff, have been trained in HSE Covid Guidelines

– Sanitiser station instore to Sanitise hands

– Disposable gloves, to be provided to child, accompanying customers, facemasks to be worn.

– Mum/ accompanying relative must place dress over head of child, staff member must maintain distance as much as possible.

– Time must be allocated to sanitise fitting area between appointments.

– Dresses will be steamed after each fitting.


  •  How do I start the search? 

The search for the perfect dress/suit for your little one begins on our website. We have our full range of dresses and a limited range of suits available for you to view and discuss with your little one. You can study the styles, shapes, necklines, lengths, fabrics and see what you like and do not like. We encourage you to write down the name of the dress/suit you like or take a screen shot of any of our dresses or suits, particularly this year, when appointment time, number of dresses/suits tried on is limited to 3 dresses/suits. This can also be immensely helpful to get the most of your appointment and help you find the perfect dress or suit on the day!


  • When should I book my appointment?

Communion 2022 appointments will commence on Thursday 13th Jan (Mallow & Tralee store) and Thursday 20th in Killarney & Ballincollig store.

Appointments daily after school and appointments Saturday and Sunday. Please contact local shop to make appointment, phone numbers at the end of the page. (if your name is on a waiting list, the store will contact you.)


  • Why do I have to make an appointment?

Due to Covid, we will be operating on an appointment only basis, so we can control environment, to make it safe for customers and staff. Dresses/suits can be viewed online pre appointments.

The benefit of making an appointment is that you get a private consultation (not a room) with your own stylist and if you have viewed our range on our website, we can have your preferred dress / similar dress in store awaiting try on. We also have a strict one-dress-per-school policy, so the earlier you have an appointment, the more choice you have.


  • How long is our appointment?

Due to Covid safety procedures, our appointment time has been reduced to a half hour. But do not worry, this is still plenty of time to try on and discuss. Our expert staff will ensure you get the most out of your appointment by helping and advising. We need to limit the number of dresses/suits tried on (limit of 3). But you can make a repeat appointment if you need to try more.


  • What if she/he grows?

Uttered by every parent in despair at the thought of their little one ending up in a mini dress/cropped suit after months of growth. But despair not, a rule of thumb is to allow 1.5cm for every 6 months growth.

But be confident you know your kids best. Maybe they are due a growth spurt, in which case you might want to increase the amount of room, or maybe they shot up like a wildflower over the few months and you are confident they will not be getting much taller again for a while. And anyway, the Mods & Minis team are always there to help and are ready in store armed with expert advice.



In this environment, of rescheduling / cancellations, we will do our utmost to change Dress or suit if necessary, and we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee we can change for a larger size later in year, as more limited stock this year, so the best advice is buying a dress/suit with plenty room for alternations. Our staff will deal with each child in case-by-case basis.


  • What should I bring to my appointment?

The most important thing to bring is an ‘Open Mind’. Remember this dress/suit needs to be agreed and loved by both you and your little one, so there often needs to be some compromise. Unfortunately, this year, with Covid, we must limit to 2 people plus your child at appointment.

If your daughter is wearing white ankle socks and a white string vest, this will help you view the dress on her much easier. Also, if you have an idea on whether her hair will be worn up or down on her Communion day, then maybe style her hair similar to that on the day. These are just suggestions to make it easier to choose. This year, it is not possible to try on accessories.


  • Can we complete the look in one visit?

Certainly, we have a wide range of accessories to choose from so you will be able to put the whole look together at once! Due to reduced appointment times, one can complete purchase in one visit, but there is no problem returning again.


  • What is your cancellation policy on appointment?

Appointments are valuable, so we ask that you call and cancel your appointment as early as you can. This will allow us to give the appointment to another family. We appreciate your support on this.


  • What are your price ranges?

Our dresses range in price from €169 to €329 and our suits range is price from €129 to €199.


  • How do I contact you?

You can call any of our stores from 9:30am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Tralee 066 7121647

Killarney 064 6637476

Mallow 022 53427

Ballincollig 021 4860164

You can also email us at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


Things to consider.

  • Extra socks or tights is a must

Always buy two – because tights snag or get splattered with muddy puddles meaning it’s important to have a backup pair ready to go.


  • Be comfortable

When s/he is trying on her dress/suit, be sure s/he sits down. After all, they will be standing, kneeling, and sitting in the church, not to mention all the fun during the celebrations after, so make sure s/he is comfortable. With countless photos inevitable for the day that is in it we want to make sure your little one is as comfy and confident as possible.

We hope this list of FAQs has been helpful and we look forward to welcoming you and your little one in stores.


All the team at

Mods & Minis

“Big on the Little things”