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First Holy Communion for the 2019 season is busy underway here at Mods and Minis and our new dress collection will be launched, in store during October 2018.

If you want a sneak preview of the communion dresses, watch this space as the new collection images will be available to view as soon as dresses are delivered to our stores.

Our experienced staff will be available to match our large selection of accessories to the dress of your choice.

We stock veils, tiaras, headbands, bags, gloves, parasols, socks and tights in a range of styles and sizes.

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Communion Girl Season 2019

Mods & Minis have been styling Children for their big day for over 15yrs!
Our team of buyers, have sourced a beautiful selection of Dresses from Designers, Little People, Linzi J and Little White Collection. 
Our Expert Staff, Deirdre (Owner), with Managers, Betty, Alison, Lorraine , Mary and Andrea and local experienced staff, in each location are extremely competent to assist in section the perfect Bespoke look which is unique for each child. 

Communion Girl Launch is Sunday the 21st of October 2018 


We advise it is best to book an appointment early in store. 

Appointments are being scheduled from Sunday21st October at 10.00am, initial launch is for 4 weeks, as we have to contend with our busy Christmas period and give the Boys a chance! 
Will relaunch again 29th December for Spring, appointments can be made for then also.

All appointments last for 45 minutes. Appointments are on Saturdays /Sundays, After School and during Halloween Midterm. The wonderful Communion Experience begins with viewing with your daughter, our gallery of dresses online, pre appointment. Browsing different styles, shapes and fabrics. Dresses will be available to view online from beginning of October. 

Take note of both of your likes and dislikes, or note dress or feature that, appeals most to both. The actual viewing can be overwhelming for some children, with much to choose from, so pre viewing assists in overall experience for child. However, sometimes a dress on screen might not suit shape of child. Our stylists will work with you to find the perfect dress. Also, we advise on Tiaras, Veils, Gloves, Bags, socks, Tights (always 2 pairs) to complete the look. On appointment Day, we advise your daughter wears white socks and vest. 

Early appointments are advised as the Dress you love can be secured as we strictly adhere to one dress per school policy in each location. (we cannot ensure that it might be bought from another boutique) If we do not have the dress you love in your size, with an early appointment, we can order it to arrive in time for your perfect Day. In the New Year, it is too late and Children can be disappointed! 

Between our 5 locations, we have hundreds of dresses to choose from but only a limited number of sizes per style and a large variety of dresses as opposed to volume of any!

At Mods & Minis, we understand that all Children are different, have different shapes and sizes and challenges
Early Appointments are recommended for the following,

If a child requires a non-standard size, our expert staff can advise on best options, in a tactful and discreet fashion

Certain dresses can be ordered in to fit in non-standard sizes,
- Linzi J Designer, offer certain dresses with extra inch or 2 inches in width, for
- example, standard size 8,0r size 8 1X, or size 8 2x, or size 8 3x ( so not dealing with extra length in dresses)
- If a child is very petite, an extra small size can be ordered

- We might have particular size in another shop location which can be ordered to your local shop

We receive a number of requests each year, so we have decided offer the facility of Communion Fitting of Children outside of regular shop opening hours.If your child will struggle with fitting when shop is open for a variety of reasons such as music, lighting and other customers.
We can schedule an early morning appointment or an evening after shop closes, please phone local store with your specific requirements, ask to speak with Manager regarding same. We will do our best to facilitate.

Payment and pricing
Great opportunity if a loyalty customer, to use loyalty points pre yearly clearance date (15th December).
Deposits, we require 30% to secure dress with payment over 6 weeks.
To order in a specific dress, we require 50% payment to order, and payment in full when picking up.

Price ranges
Prices to suit all
Core range of very popular dresses which are ordered yearly
Dresses between €99.00 and €299.00
Sale rail in each shop with dresses from €99.00

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